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 H ello, my name is Andrik Schapers, and here is a little bit about myself:

     I am a singer and over the last 14 years I have traveled all over the world doing concerts for human rights and for more freedom on the planet. I speak 6 languages and sing in 8 languages. I write songs that communicate things I have learned in Scientology and that I hope will contribute to changing the world. I think independent from race or religion mankind needs a technology about his mind and his soul that really works and we have this with Scientology. So I want to help my new religion to get known more so that others can have the same wins as I have had. I consider myself a New Civilization singer therefore. Neat huh?

         To tell you a little anecdote about my life is that in China one day doing a concert I was told by the officials that the song had gone out to 240 million people and the song was written by L.Ron Hubbard and I had been able to tell people him and the reason he had written it. So that day I really felt incredible since I had been able to reach all these people with our message! However the next day I had a problem how am I going to top this one??

         One of my dreams is to create a national TV program in the US revitalizing the original intentions of the founding fathers and singing songs that lift people up while at the same doing interviews with people that have been an example for a positive and winning life. Having been all over the world I see America as the beacon for Freedom and I don't want her to loose that leadership position on the planet. I love the Constitution and the Freedom that Americans have and I want this system to win so eventually the whole planet can be as free and prosperous as America. I also consider that the best product that came out of this country is Scientology and that in no other country it would have been possible to be born. I an thankful to America for that and to one of the greatest Americans I know of, L.Ron Hubbard. [End]

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